Wednesday, 16 January 2019

DT265A Semester 2 Timetables published

Dear DT265A students

timetables for semester 2 have been published on the left panel of this blog.
As always, there might be slight changes, in which case the updated version will be posted here, too.

Colour code:
blue = Data Analytics stream
green = Software Development stream

Rooms (hidden in image view due to parallel classes):
  • Systems Analysis and Testing (Deirdre Lawless): Lecture: KE-4-008, Lab: AU-1-006
  • Data Wrangling (Marisa Llorens-Salvador): Lecture: KA-1-015 
  • OOP (Svetlana Hensman): Lab 1: KA-G-028, Lab 2: KA-1-015
  • Programming for Mobile & Smart Devices (Jerome Casey): BL-390
  • Project (Jonathan McCarthy): KA-1-017
  • Group Project (John Pugh): KA-1-017

Kind regards

Monday, 14 January 2019

Request for participation in EU Research Project

Researchers from the University of Warsaw and Warsaw University of Technology are visiting Dublin as part of a research project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie grant agreement No 734824.

The aim of the GETM3 project is to determine how entrepreneurs from selected countries in the EU and Asia understand the entrepreneurial characteristics and a successful career, to discover needs and expectations of entrepreneurs, innovativeness and creativity in the business environment. The research wants to discover values relating to business experience and understand opinions on main obstacles preventing the development of entrepreneurship, innovativeness and creativity in the work environment.

Participants do not necessarily need to be entrepreneurs but can be involved in business that requires entrepreurial characteristics.

They are looking for volunteers to participate in the research by participating in an individual interview. If you are willing to participate in the interview while they are in Dublin, please contact Katarzyna  Modrzejewska ( or Julita Majczyk 

Katarzyna and Julita are willing to meet in DIT.

More details about the project are available at

Monday, 17 December 2018

Free SAS software to students for learning purposes

SAS offers free software to students for learning purposes. There are a number of options for students to access SAS software depending on their requirements.

SAS University Edition can be downloaded and installed locally on a Virtual Machine. This is the latest version of SAS 9.4.

SAS On-demand for Academics is a cloud application, all students need to do is to sign-up and they will have access to a SAS Studio Environment that can be accessed remotely from any browser.

SAS Viya is a newly developed cloud technology and supports many of their latest applications, such as; SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics and SAS Data Mining and Machine Learning, etc. There is a trial available from the SAS website where students can access these applications. In the near future these applications may also be added to the SAS University (Education Analytical Suite) Licences that they offer.

SAS also have a new one month trial available called SAS Analytics Cloud that includes a SAS 9.4 environment and a JupyterLab open-source programming environment. This supports multiple users (Up to 5 persons).

In terms of education purposes SAS have have SAS Programming 1 and SAS Statistics 1 available to students wishing to learn and improve their SAS coding skills. Students that are interested in furthering their qualifications may also be interested in the SAS Academy for Data Science, there is a seven day trial for this and they also offer a 50 percent discount for students wishing to enrol on the course.

Also,  is a another great resource for student support materials.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Reminder DT265 Social Night tonight

Dear DT265 students

this is a reminder that we run the DT265 social night tonight at 6pm. It's an excellent opportunity to mingle with current 265 students of all years and streams, as well as alumni students. Please make sure you attend this event tonight.

We are in the Kevin Street Annex building's canteen on the ground floor. There is a sectioned off private area at the back of this canteen for us.
Finger food refreshments will be provided.


Monday, 3 December 2018

Group Project Class Resumes THIS Week

Dear DT265A-year 2 students,

the group project class resumes this week. Your new lecturer John Pugh is looking forward to meeting you all.


Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Stream Choice Selection Form

Dear DT265A-year 1 students,
please choose your stream in the following link:
Stream Choice Selection Form.

The deadline for stream selection is 12.12.2018.


Year 1: Stream Choice Talk tonight at start of OOSD

Dear HDip year 1 students

you will have to make a choice soon if you want to continue with either the software development stream or the data analytics stream in semester 2. Tonight, I am going to give an overview of your choices at the beginning of your OOSD class.

Kind regards