Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Systems Analysis and Testing Monday Lecture

From Monday September 29th 2014 we will start to operate the tutorial from 18.00 to 18.30 in KA-G-028.

In order to manage the content, if you wish to have something addressed during this session please make a post to the Problem Page (available in the Webcourses module).
Each Monday I will deal with anything that has been posted to this page before 5 pm on Friday of the previous week. So for this week, please post before 5 pm Friday 26th September.
If nothing is posted on the problem page, then I will have to assume that no tutorial is required for the following Monday.

I will make a set of material available in Webcourses to support those who can't make the tutorial  and if you have any additional questions please come and talk to me during the lab class.

The lecture portion of the class will start at 18.30.