Friday, 18 September 2015

EAD module Enrollment

Hi All
I'm going to see can i manually add you to The EAD module in webcourses

In case I'm missing any student details, I'm sharing the following document , to get your details so I can try and add you to webcourses

Can you : 
- Open the link in your browser
- Click on the 'Edit in Browser' button (its the green button in the top right)
- Fill in the following details
  • Firstname
  • Surnname
  • Student number 
  • email
 That should be enough info to find you on webcourses and attempt to add you to the EAD module

When I have that done, and if i am successful, i will email you and let you know 


P. S : At this stage I hope you have found and started an online C# course :)   The quicker we get to grips with C# the soponer we can get to all the really interesting stuff in the module.. Good Luck!