Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Trip to IBM.

Hi folks, IBM is about to launch its 2016 Graduate recruitment campaign. This year they are opening their doors on their technology campus in Damastown and inviting students to come with them on a campus tour. Students will be invited to visit the Research Centre, Innovation centre, the Design hub; and they will have presentations and interactive experiences, competitions and prizes. This is a great opportunity for students to get an insight into various parts of IBM from the Research Lab, to the Software group, Global technology, and global Business, Digital Sales ....they will also get an introduction to Watson and all the amazing things going on there ! The School of Computing is happy to make sutdents aware of this event and coordinate with IBM, but it should be noted that classes will not be cancelled for the day. If you wish to attend, please do, but bare in mind that you will have to catch up on any lectures or labs. You can register here: Please do so before lunchtime Friday. Robert