Thursday, 26 November 2015

EAD module : Quiz will run in lab class on friday 4th of Dec

Hi all EAD students

This is a reminder that the C# quiz will run in lab class on next friday the 4th of Dec. Ivan will be supervising this. (Thanks Ivan )

Some notes regarding the quiz :

  • There will be 14 multiple choice questions
  • Some questions can contain multiple answers (so read the questions carefully!)
  • It is a CLOSED BOOK EXAM, therefore NO peeking at class notes, internet, your class buddies!
  • The quiz will have a time limit of 30 minutes

Best of Luck
John Walsh

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Stream Talk (DT265 students only)

There will be a session on Thursday 3rd December (Week 12) @ 4pm in KA-0-25, to discuss the available streams for the second semester of DT265.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Monday, 16 November 2015

EAD Class Tomorrow 12:00->4:00pm moved to the following week

Hi all
I have to move Tomorrows class (17th Nov, 12:00pm->4:00pm) to the following week (24th Nov, 12pm->4pm)

That means that next Tuesday will be a double class, one in the daytime and one in the evening.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

September 2014 Students Re-Enrollment

Dear September 2014 Students,

Note this is for September 2014 students - not September 2015 students. Unless you started with us over a year ago, this email doesn't apply to you.

All September 2014 Students are required to immediately re-enroll via the Springboard AMS system to complete their payments for the programme. The enrollment process is very straightforward and is detailed below.

We are conscious that many of you are now out on placement, but it is vital that you complete this process so that your account is in good standing and you can graduate.

Instructions on how to re-register are below:

The process is as follows: 

1. Log in to using their email address and password [both required]. 

2. Each participant should click on their email address which is displayed towards the top right hand side of the screen and select “Applications” from the resulting drop-down menu. 

3 The participant will see all courses to which s/he has applied in 2015. Beside the course they are currently registered on, they see an orange button/link marked “Re-register”.

4. On clicking on this Re-register button/link, they will be asked to confirm that they remain enrolled on this course.

5. If the student is still enrolled on and intends to complete her/his course, s/he must click ‘OK’ to confirm this intent. This completes the reregistration process and the AMS database is updated. 

The screen will refresh and their registration status will be changed to “Confirmed”. 

The re-enrollment period ends at the end of this week. We would appreciate if you could make sure to get this taken care of sooner rather than later. 



Monday, 2 November 2015

DT265-DA Joe Condon's Tutorial

Dear DA students

this is a reminder that Joe Condon's tutorial is scheduled for the next two weeks to run at
11am in KE-1-008.


School Awards & Employment Event

Hi folks, 

This Wednesday the 4th we will be hosting the School's first mid-week Awards & Employment event. During this session we will be both handing out the class and project prizes as well as hosting a number of employers who will have stands in place. 

We are scheduled to run the actual awards ceremony from about 1:15
until 2:00 in Gleeson Hall. After that students are invited to mingle
with the companies present. The employers are provisionally scheduled to stay around until 4:00, but that will depend on the number of you that engage with them. 

This is a great opportunity for any student who is looking to get placement or a job in the near future. It is also just a great opportunity to support or even heckle the prize winners!

So please do drop in.


DT8265 No class this morning with Deborah Brennan

Dear all

due to unforeseen circumstances the class this morning with Deborah Brennan won't take place.  
Work to complete is available on webcourses, and Deborah is in communication with the group via webcourses.

Kind regards

Science Undergraduate Research Conference November 13

Dear all

the First Science Undergraduate Research Conference is held Friday, November 13 in Gragegorman in collaboration with ITT and ITB.

Among the presenters is a fellow DT265 graduate. I would like to encourage you to attend this event and use it as an opportunity to interact with DIT graduates who have pursued successful careers in industry and research.

As this is an annual event, I would advise you to also consider sending an abstract of your DT265 project to the next conference call in 2016.

If you wish to attend this event, please register on the conference web site (it is free and lunch will be provided too):
The full programme is available on the conference website.
We hope to see you at the event on 13th November.
Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions in relation to this event.

Kind regards