Monday, 25 September 2017

DT265A - Year 2 - Quick Questionnaire on Group Project or Work Placement

Hi there,
For all those in DT265A Year 2, i.e., part-timers who are now taking their specialism stream, we need you to confirm if you will be opting for Work Placement or the Group Project options.

Basically you need to take the Group Project Option if (a) do not want to take Work Placement; or (b) cannot take Work Placement due to your existing Work obligations. if you are already in a suitable job, you can apply for an exemption. But a suitable job is not simply working for a Tech Company, your job must be deemed suitable for a Work Placement, and thus must be a strong IT role.

Please fill in your preference below before Wednesday afternoon:

It is very important that you indicate this choice. There is some room to change your choice in the next week or two, but we do need your initial preference.

Thanks in advance