Wednesday, 25 October 2017

DT265A Second Year - Update Re Requests for Confirming Registration

Hi folks,
This is for students in the second year of the part-time Higher Diploma, i.e., for people who started in September 2016. In the Programme Committee meeting yesterday, some of your class reps noted that they have received requests to confirm their funding through ICT Skills Springboard, but they have no way of doing so.

Coincidentally, we also received an email yesterday from the HEA that acknowledges that the are currently working to update the springboard website to allow students in second year of the part-time Higher Diploma to confirm their registration for second year. This however is not implemented yet. The funders have specifically asked that students not be required to verify their funding yet, but it will take a while for this message to DIT and others to work through the system.

I will contact Admissions and Fees to make sure they understand about the situation, so don't panic if you are receiving requests for fees or something along those lines.