Thursday, 15 March 2018

Register for Work Placement Specs Emails

If you are planning on doing a work placement as part of the higher diploma, and you are in your year 2 of part-time study, please register at this link in order to receive the specs for vacancies that come in to the School of Computing.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Become a Member of the Irish Computing Society

The Irish Computing Society is offering free membership to students now!

The Irish Computer Society is the membership body for the IT sector in Ireland, with over 10,000 members. We act as a representative voice for those members, furthering the development of IT knowledge across the country. For more information on our student membership have a look at their website.

Students can take advantage of all their member benefits:
  • Networking opportunities with those already working in the sector
  • Talks by inspiring leaders in the industry
  • Free member events to help your students unsure of which direction they'd like to take their career, or even how they can apply the skills they have learnt to the 'real world'
  • Free resources to allow your students to prepare themselves for the world of work
  • Free membership for your students for the duration of their course and for a year following that to help students take their first step into the workplace

    Joining ICS is easy too, it’s just a case of online form, which takes less than five minutes.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Bank of Ireland HACKATHON

Hi everyone,
Bank of Ireland are holding a hackathon 6th-8th April.   
The prize fund for each section is €2,500 so definitely worth a look :)

Details and application are at the link below:


Kerry Graduate Development Programme

The ICT Graduate Development Programme 2018 with Kerry is currently open for applications.

Kerry are looking for smart, innovative and collaborative Graduates to work across business analyst, technical delivery and development, and infrastructure roles. Candidates will be matched to roles that best suit their abilities. However, Kerrywork with graduates to help them develop a full set of skills to become leaders within ICT and Kerry during their careers.

You can apply through

Monday, 5 March 2018

Graduate Programme, Start Jan 2019, interviews in March 2018!

This is for students interested in a graduate programme commencing in January 2019. The interviews are actually held this month!
Fidelity Graduate Programme (click)

Springboard - Re-Registration Process for 1st Year DT265A Students

This email is for Higher Diploma students who started in September 2017.

The HEA have now opened the springboard courses website for you to confirm your re-registration for the programme. You need to confirm this re-registration so that the HEA will pay your fees again for this semester. Confirming this registration is a condition of the programme; and failure to do so will leave you liable for your own fees.

To confirm re-registration, you simply need to log in to the springboard courses website and click the re-registration /second registration button.

Closing date for this will be this week, but please do it now. It only takes a minute or two and will save you an awful lot of grief should you forget.

Class reps or anyone feeling useful, as this information is important, I would appreciate it if you also posted this on any Facebook or WhatsApp groups etc.

Thanks for your time.