Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Very Important -- Springboard - Re-Registration Process for 1st Year DT265A Students

This email is for Higher Diploma students who started in September 2017.

The HEA have now reopened the springboard courses website for you to confirm your re-registration for the programme. You need to confirm this re-registration so that the HEA will pay your fees again for this semester. Confirming this registration is a condition of the programme; and failure to do so will leave you liable for your own fees.

To confirm re-registration, you simply need to log in to the springboard courses website and click the re-registration /second registration button.

Closing date for this will be 31st September, but please do it now. It only takes a minute or two and will save you an awful lot of grief should you forget. Many students did this when asked during the Spring but a number of you did not. The HEA have been very accommodating in re-opening this process for you -- otherwise you would be liable for the remainder of your fees. 

Class reps or anyone feeling useful, as this information is important, I would appreciate it if you also posted this on any Facebook or WhatsApp groups etc.

Thanks for your time.